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Kyoko Mizuki
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Several years ago, the mutual working relationship between mangaka and Candy's creator was disrupted by Igarashi's decision to declare an exclusive copyright on the Candy Candy material. Using this claim to justify ownership, Igarashi began producing Candy Candy merchandise without the co-approval of Toei and MizukiIt.

Currently, it's generally feared that continued legal battles will prevent future reprints and rebroadcast of the original Candy manga and anime. However, the recent Supreme Court decision confirmed Ms. Mizuki Kyoto as the author of the original Candy Candy story she created, thus, Mrs. Mizuki may publish a novel of this story without Igarashi's cooperation.

In fact, Mrs. Mizuki possesses the authority to to give an illustrator permission to draw new Candy Candy manga, and Toei is free to produce new Candy Candy anime

It has been a long-time journey that goes back to my childhood years, when I would get just excited by thinking what's going to happen next? What new adventures is Candy going to have today? Nonetheless, those memories turned sad when the final episode was aired and all my dreams were shattered into small pieces.

All I could think is why, why can't Terry and Candy be together? From that moment, I decided I would never get so attached to another series, what was the point I thought, if I'm going to end up with a bittersweet feeling.

But, after being re-introduced to the magic world of Candy, I decided to make this last attempt to bring a happy ending to my most precious memory from childhood, I know my sentiments are shared all around the world by Candy's fans, thus, I would like to ask you Mrs. Misuki to give us a deserving ending to Candy's story.

We know that you love Candy as much as we do, and for that we ask you to please give us all the gift of having this love story have a happy ending. Show us that regardless of disagreements, and personal greed(Igarashi's) real love can go beyond that and much more. Provide the final dot to the title "The end" that will bring smiles instead of tears to all true Candy fans.

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