Elected Officials
United States of America

Studies show that millions of illegal immigrants cut in front of law-abiding people to break into our country. They bring drugs, human trafficking, and threaten national security. They bankrupt our schools, over-crowd our prisons, and burden our welfare system.

They commit heinous, preventable crimes against our people, lower our wages, and take our jobs. The border has become a human rights disaster. Women are raped, people are murdered, children are sold as sex slaves.

This is about:

-Public Safety
-The Rule of Law

Granting any kind of amnesty to illegal immigrants would perpetuate a ghastly human rights crisis on the border, further endanger our people, and reward people for cheating.

Studies also show that enforcement is working.

We demand that our candidates for Congress commit themselves clearly and emphatically to finishing the securing of the border and enforcing the law before Election Day, 2008. Any who do this will have our votes and our support. Any who do not will get nothing. Any who violate their commitment will gain all of us as motivated enemies.


We, the undersigned, call on candidates for national office to commit themselves clearly and emphatically, before Election Day, 2008, to finishing the securing of the border and enforcing the law.

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