#Human Rights
Government of Ukraine/ Ukrainian National Bank

From the year 2012 Ukraine made a financial law that is absolutely unfavourable to foreigners residing in Ukraine. This law makes it impossible for you to deposit money into your personal Ukrainian account. They want you to show a prove of source of money, now even when as a student who has a foreign account domiciled in your country of origin, you might withdraw a bit more than planned due to foreign charges and wish to deposit into your local account. This is absolutely impossible. Hereby making is more difficult to save. Despite the heavy charges on the cards in Ukraine they make it impossible to use money. When you want to send money to a friend in another region of Ukraine who has a local account who might be in a desperate situation, this is impossible all due to this law. While they keep telling you at the bank that you are not a resident of Ukraine. As students who study and live here we help the economy of this nation. And should be given privileges. We bring money into their economy. We should be allowed to transact like people with legal stay in the country.

Sign this petition of enable all foreigners residing in Ukraine to be able to carry out bank transactions freely.
Say no to intimidation of foreigners!
Be able to deposit money to your card!
Be able to help a friend in need by paying straight to their cards!
Government of Ukraine make policies that are favorable to all!

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