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Most financial Institutions charge overdraft fees to your account if you take more out of your account than you have. There is nothing wrong with being charged an overdraft fee. It is understandable why this happens and should not change. What should change is the amount of time given to return the overdraft amount into your account. This overdraft fee usually hits your account about 24 hours. This is not enough time. The average person in the United States gets paid bi-weekly. At minimum there should be a two week period before the overdraft fees hit your account.

This petition is to force all financial Institutions to change the amount of time provided until overdraft fees hit your bank account.
If you agree that this time frame should be changed from 24 hours to a period of 2 weeks (A bi-weekly pay period) then please sign.
Everyone should have enough time to replace funds that were taken out of their account.

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