Please improve the figure skating judging system by implementing multiple video cameras and disclosing the information of judgements with evidences. Considering seriously on gyroscopic system /AI system implementation in the future.

The figure skating judging system can be controversial as it relys on only one CCTV monitor and human eyes which may not always be accurate and skaters have no right to "challenge" against the decisions.
However, the decisions made allegedly incorrect affect significantly on the game results and often be criticised by media and SNS, which are bothering you as sometimes they imply conspiracy theories, racisms, prejudice and even bribery.
Jump edges and jump rotations are incredibly difficult to be determined but those are most critical parts to win the games.
The new technology calculates accurately in seconds, whereas a person needs time to see the details. Technical judgements, related to the quality of the jumps should be jdged by robots, not people.
To implement technologies may take years but setting more monitors could be done without massive efforts. Disclosure of judgments with solid evidences help athletes and coaches to find right directions whereas incorrect judgments confuse everyone and lose their motivations and faith to ISU.
Skaters are making their utmost efforts to gain 0. 1 point every day, those improvements bring fairness and peace of mind to everyone including countless people who love figure skating in the world.
複数のビデオカメラを実装し、証拠のある判断の情報を開示することにより、フィギュアスケートの判断システムを改善してください。将来的には、ジャイロスコープシステム/ AIシステムの実装を真剣に検討します。


We, the undersigned, call on ISU and IOC to improve the figure skating judging system by implementing more video cameras, disclose the information of decisions.

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The Justice to all figure skaters 全てのスケーターに正義を: improve judging system ジャッジシステムの向上(和訳後述) petition to ISU and IOC was written by Wakako Yamaguchi and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.

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