FightingMagic has only translated 1 episode of Ape Escape anime. For many months, FightingMagic is now far behind since Saru Get You! is now on Season 2! Here's the evidence: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/42896923/ I know FightingMagic stopped translating one episode but why?

I thought they knew better than that! It's one episode and they stop translating?! This is crazy!

They might be dunking more donuts than doing their jobs!

There are millions of Ape Escape fans around the world (Canada, Chile, UK, Finland, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and many places you can imagine!) who are watching every episode on Youtube. So far, Episode 1,3 and 7! 1 is translated but 3 and 7 aren't.

If FightingMagic can translate other animes, why can't they do that for Ape Escape Anime? The anime is based on the new game: Million Monkeys.

We want to watch the series (translated), a lot of people outside Japan want to watch it!

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