#Human Rights
Willamette University
United States of America

According to the Willamette University Sweatshop Code of Conduct, “Willamette University firmly believes that workers in this country and abroad who help produce apparel bearing the insignia or name of Willamette University should be treated humanely and fairly and should work under healthy and safe conditions.”

However, Willamette University does not currently have a system of accountability to enforce the Sweatshop Code of Conduct. By selling brands like Nike and Russell Athletic, which have been identified as companies profiting from sweatshop labor, we are not living up to the code we have outlined.

Furthermore, purchasing from companies that threaten workers and close factories that have won the right to a living wage through unionization is a blatant violation of the university code of conduct and workers’ rights to freedom of association.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about ongoing problems in factories that produce apparel for Willamette University. Problems include inadequate pay, forced overtime, abusive treatment of workers, and anti-union factory closures.

We urge Willamette University to take action to avoid further trauma to the workers who make Willamette products. Demonstrate a real commitment to fair labor practices by enforcing the Willamette University Sweatshop Code of Conduct and practicing our claim of “social responsibility”.

The Undersigned

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