The Environmental Protection Department, Environment Bureau and Development Bureau in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

We, as students of Hong Kong International School, are currently studying in a Marine Biology class and have recently been asked to research about a conservation project. Thus, we have decided to research about the Coastal Development in Hong Kong, due to our grave concerns about the coasts in Hong Kong. I write to you out of deep concern for the current state of the coastal marine environments in Hong Kong. And on behalf of my project partner, Jonathan, I would like to take the opportunity to call your attention to the marine environments that have been destroyed by coastal developments.

As we researched about the coastal developments from Lantau Island to today’s land reclamation in Central and Wanchai, we can see the urgent need for change, in order for Hong Kong to become a more environmentally healthy city. Personally, I have lived in Hong Kong for all my life and have seen many environmental changes in Hong Kong. The attention and efforts put in to alleviate the issues of air pollution, water quality improvement in the Victoria Harbor area…etc. has evidently proved to us improvements have been significant. Thus, I believe the same can be done to the coastal developments, in hope to rescue many marine habitats that once thrived years ago. Land reclamation and coastal developments in Hong Kong have greatly affected the marine life and habitat, where many corals and previously diverse marine lives have been destroyed and killed due to toxic landfills and other fatal chemicals.

Although land reclamation can be beneficial to the economy and to the accommodation of the growing population in Hong Kong, there are many downsides that many people overlook. Coastal habitats, as previously mentioned, have been destroyed, these habitats have provided many resources for us to utilize. Additionally, these habitats are actually sources of food and many valuable medicines. For example, natural habitats are natural air purifiers to detoxify and decompose wastes, which also offer natural coastal defense. Moreover, land reclamations are dredging operations, as the construction of artificial coastal defense is associated with coastal developments.

I strongly urge that we do not neglect the benefits of the conservation of coastal habitats. Many of these include, purification of air, mitigation of the effects of floods and other climate change, detoxification and decomposition of wastes, translocation of nutrients, moderation of temperature extremes… etc. These can be extremely advantageous to the Hong Kong environmental society, but as for now, it is difficult to see any of the above effects, as not many people are aware of what goes on under the ocean surface.

I hope, in the name of all people concerned with environmental issues, that we will hear from you about this matter at the earliest possible opportunity. I, and those who share my concern would be gratified by a reply from you as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance for your time on this important and urgent matter, in awaiting your reply, be assure of my most respectful sentiments.

We, the undersigned, want social and environmental responsibility from the listed bureaus and department above. We ask for a healthier lifestyle not only for us as residents of Hong Kong, S.A.R., but also for the marine residents of the coasts that are suffering possible extinctions and devastation from land reclamation.

We strongly urge against:

1) inappropriate coastal developments that negatively change our environment, livability and sustainability.

2) inconsiderate and unnecessary urban planning and coastal developments.

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