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We have One day a semester we are allowed to wear our hats(hat day) but what is the difference if we could wear them everyday. As long as they are appropiate for our school dress code.

The dress code sayz that we can only have hats on hat day and we can only have cell phones in our lockers well i say fuck that!...ok i c that phones should b off in class, but what about out side of class? and y cant we have hats any where in or out of school? what they gone kill some one?!

The codez and crap at schools r f..k n with our freedom so fight back till we change that! fight like tupac, the black panthers, and Mr L. king! and trust me they will change it will just take some time, cuz i know every one hates it 2 its not just me im 16 yearz old i should not have ta do this bymyself! so help me help u

Montez D. Powell

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