#Animal Rights
Castle rock city council
United States of America

It's a shame we can live in such a nice place and one thing such as a pit bull ban can change everything. For those of you who know, pit bulls are known to be the second greatest family dog behind the golden retriever based on information from the ukc, and adba along with other organizations. Reputation says these dogs are killers because they have "lock jaw" for anyone who can get on a computer and do research, there is no such thing as lock jaw. It is simply they have strong jaws. If you have every been bitten by a turtle of lizzard, they don't like to let go either, are they illegal? Also known to the ukc registration they are people pleasers and with the right owner they will rarely show aggression and at that typically only to estranged animals. Help us save our dogs

FIGHT THE CASTLE ROCK PIT BULL BAN. These dogs are no more then the best family pet you could own. Stop tearing families apart and let us have our families back.

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