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In December of 2008, my friend & I made the decision to travel abroad for our cosmetic surgery. We had read a lot about the clinic & spoken to a few co-ordinators in the UK who were representing the Polyclinique El Menzah & since No one had a bad word to say about them we chose that clinic of the two we wanted to go with & set the ball in motion to get a consultation.

We were both asked to get various tests done in the UK before leaving & get flights booked... So the countdown was on..

In March 2009 we both arrive in Tunisia, and were taken straight to clinic, fed & watered & left to sleep, next morning we saw the doctor, told him what we wanted, paid our money & set off to theatre.

Two days later released to a disgusting hovel of a hotel HOTEL YADIS in Tunis, we were not impressed and as a result went back to the clinic till Saturday, then moved to HOTEL PHEBUS. Then flew home from there after a brief hello at the clinic from one of the docs (a new kind of examination I guess).

My friend was healing well but I was still in a lot of pain, I emailed 3rd party & clinic many times but only got assistance from a 3rd party... then eventually response from clinic when they realise I'm still in pain and certainly not happy with the outcome.

In May 2009, off I go, very hesitantly back to the clinic to get problem corrected, only to be met with more alarming results. I had made it very clear what I wanted & again repeated the same as I had said on 1st visit. So after a lot of hopping from one trolley to another, I find myself in the theatre & wide awake (having previously been put to sleep in my room), it was a tiny little room with only about 2-3ft each side around me as I lay on the table... then I'm asleep.

I woke in my room, all bandaged and sticky taped but tried to rest, knowing only 24hrs of this tape..... wrong... it was 48hrs later when some one realised i was still alive and needed dressings removed.. disaster 2 strikes... I'm allergic to the sticky tape so needed extra treatment for that. Disaster 1 had started as soon as i arrived & never improved the whole time i was there.. the food was totally not edible as I'm allergic to lemon/citrus.

On arriving home, still a lot of pain, but kept wounds clean & dry as ordered. Then came 1st post-op shower at home.... Disaster 3 starts........ my wound has burst open and blood and pus oozing out & i cant stop it, panic stricken, I'm straight to my GP... nasty infection & treatment starts, the 1st of my daily treks to docs/nurse/hospital.

I email clinic & 3rd party.. clinic not interested, and say its normal, i get phone calls saying i shouldn't have sought help, come back.

Devastation is understatement, as my condition worsens & i end up in an ambulance and on way to hospital, then transferred to another hospital under the care of a surgeon..who at that exact moment in time is unable to do anything except give advice.

So now we are 5 wks on from operation, with 3 of those wks having an open infected wound-which is still open now, so i continue my treks for medical assistance, rest up as told & hope at some point the wound will heal.

I may well need further surgery to correct this mess, but it's definitely going to be a very long road to recovery as it now appears.

Non dissolvable stitches were used inside of me and are showing through the skin & skin will need to be broken to remove. There is more infection risk as well have more than 1 open wound to contend with.

I'm in constant pain & discomfort, depressed & can't sleep and i sit here wondering if it will ever go away & allow me to get my life back on track. I've gone from a bubbly outgoing mum to a quiet & depressed person, that just wants to stop others having to go through this & wants the CLINIC EL MENZAH to accept liability & get properly trained & qualified surgeons doing only what they specialise in... not fill in as when needed just to make a few extra pounds.

I know there are other people going through the same thing, if not worse than I am from the very same clinic and meeting more with every passing week who have also gone through similar circumstances with other clinics like this.

Ive had 2 revision surgeries here in the UK costing thousands of pounds,several nights in a clinic & major chest/breast/scar revision & reconstruction & implant replacements,over a period of months.
Painkillers & antibiotics are a longterm fixture in my life as well.
Im now on a long road to recovery with more trips still needed to the UK surgeon till i am totally fixed & healed.


We the Undersigned call on the medical board of trustees and the legal system of the United Kingdom in Great Brittan to:

1. Mandate that Polyclinique El Menzah and all clinics like this in Britian be highly qualified in the surgery they perform and should not be allowed to perform surgery in another area of expertise.

2. Mandate the need to get registered and qualified surgeons to perform surgery with better hygienic standards and give quality, humane care that all patients need.

3. Reduce the risk of infection and surgeries going wrong due to lack of hygiene, and proper professional training.

It's beneath human intelligence, integrity and dignity to have our bodies butchered while these supposed medical professionals gain wealth and prestige at our expense!!

So we ask that these requests be granted and that you help us gain our self-respect and health by ensuring that these professionals adhere to the highest of standards so that these injustices no longer continue..

Thank you so Very Much!!

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