#Animal Welfare
Congress, President of the United States, Humane Society, Any dog lover
United States of America

I am an animal lover who wants to fight for those voices that cannot be heard. Need strict laws for those who abuse and or neglect animals.

I am asking that all animal lovers stand up and demand rights for animals at once!!! Justice for those whose voices are not heard. We have animals in our lives as a "best friend" or companion, they protect and love us.

Many provide independent living for disabled who would be in a institution or dependent on family or friends. They help in a disaster situation to find human life, they work with firemen or police to save lives or search for drugs or bombs and other dangerous materials. Our animals bring laughter and comfort to children and adults and elderly in hospitals or hospice and nursing homes.

Studies show people who have and love their animals are healthier and have lower blood pressure and live longer than those who don't. They ask for very little in return for their undying love and loyalty just food and water and attention. Those reasons alone are enough to investigate, arrest and prosecute those who abuse, torture and kill animals.. TAKE A STAND AND BE A VOICE FOR ANIMALS!!!!

We watched Michael Vick get put in his place and he paid alot of money for a lawyer..but his crimes against dogs were horrible and disgusting and he went to jail.
We see awful and extremely sad stories of animal abuse on the news every single day and half the time nothing happens to these people or if they even get caught. If you see anything that could be remotely close to animal abuse by a neighbor or even a friend please contact the police or SPCA at once. Let's take a stand for our animals that we love and those that we can try to help that are being abused and tortured and killed at this moment. Let's try to do something about animal abuse and get the evil one's who are abusing them in jail where they belong. If you are a animal lover stand up please and do something about it now.... we have to at least try, right?

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