The Honourable John Bowler

November 4, 2005

The Labour Government of WA is trying to introduce Breed Specific Legislation which will result in the banning of particular breeds of dog.

This is a concern for all dog owners as it is impossible to tell what a dog is by look, there are no scientific means to identify dogs and many innocent dogs get caught in this legislation. It has also been shown to be ineffective and expensive to tax payers in other countries.

Why let our Government make the same mistake? Sign this petition and show that you want the WA Government to come up with a REAL solution to the issue of dog attacks that will protect our families, be cost effective and save many innocent dogs

We, the undersigned, bring this petition as Citizens of Australia to the attention of the House our concern that the Hon John Bowler's proposed Breed Ban will not be an effective solution to the problem of dog attacks.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has inherent problems and has been an unmitigated failure in other countries, including the U.K, U.S.A, and Germany, as a means of reducing dog attacks. If the current legislation pertaining to individual dangerous dogs were effectively enforced, dog attacks irrespective of breed responsible, would be minimised and there would be no need for further legislation. Education has proven to be a far more effective tool in the fight against dog attacks.

The Dog (Restricted Breeds) Regulations (No 2) 2002 was introduced as a one (1) year trial and was due for review and either ratification or abolishment in April of 2003. This has not occurred.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the legislative assembly to open an evidence based public enquiry with submissions on the ability and efficacy of BSL and Breed Bans to increase public safety with dogs, and to reduce the instances of injury to humans from dogs. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), The Australian Kennel Club (ANKC) and The Canine Association of Western Australia (CAWA) all agree the BSL is not an appropriate solution, and we ask that you consider these expert opinions.

Your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

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