Fife Flyers Ltd
United Kingdom

Fife Flyers, the oldest and one of the most successful ice hockey clubs in the UK has for the past few years been languishing in the lower leagues of British Ice Hockey.

Week after week fans have turned up to watch their team play against weak opposition. This demoralises the players, their performance suffers and the fans become disillusioned with the club and slowly but surely they walk away.

We have now reached a crossroads in the future of the Fife Flyers. We either stand up, say we want better for our club, to play better teams, to see a better standard of hockey week in, week out.

Or, we can take the easy option, which is to do nothing and let the club and it's history rot away.

We, the undersigned, call on the Directors of the Fife Flyers to take the next step in the future of our wonderful club and join the Elite Ice Hockey League.

The Fife Flyers join the Elite League petition to Fife Flyers Ltd was written by Mark Parter and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.

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