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Telkom SA Pty Ltd
South Africa

In early 2008, Telkom trenched a fibre optic cable all the way to the water tower at Meerhof school. This was to upgrade the very old copper cable leading to Meerhof. Also to provide better call quality and internet speeds to residents. Meerhof currently has ancient copper lines in the town.

Some of our DB boxes still use "cricket bats" The Fibre optic UMC will connect the old copper lines to the Fibre optic line. The UMC will sit in Meerhof.

Not only that, Meerhof has run out of available lines. telkom is using the backup copper trunk cable to add lines. This is not allowed but they have no choice. A UMC will solve this issue as well.

In 2007, if you applied for a 4MB line, you were told to wait until the upgrade finished. Its now 2011. Data speeds and communication will only increase in the future, not decrease and our current infrastructure will not cope.

Why we need you to sign the petition is to show Telkom the residents of Meerhof are serious and want a better service that the one currently offered. Meerhof needs the Fibre Optic UMC to be installed like it was supposed to be in 2009.

We require only your signature and if possible what adsl line you currently have. Any additional comments are welcome as long as they are constructive and not rude or vulgar towards Telkom.

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