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Bc Liquor Control and Licensing Branch

Because there are no standardized serving sizes in regards to draft beer in British Columbia, licensees are free to serve draft beer in any sized glassware which, if exact serving sizes are not provided ahead of time, often leaves consumers guessing as to what they are paying for in advance of ordering.

To protect consumers and combat misrepresentation of serving sizes by licensees, the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) legally require that all licensees, "must have a list available showing the types of liquor available, the size of each drink you (licensees) sell and its price." The LCLB also stipulates the serving size-price list, "must be available to customers on request," and recommend that licensees post this list or make it available in printed form at all tables.

This law is almost completely ignored by licensees in BC and because the LCLB does not enforce this law, the consumer is vulnerable to being mislead, whether intentionally or not, about the size of glass they are to receive when ordering draft beer.

To help address this issue, The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Vancouver is launching its "Fess Up to Serving Sizes" (FUSS) Campaign, aimed at getting licensees to comply with the law by posting their serving size-price lists and by urging the LCLB to enforce the law to help protect the consumers of BC.

We, the undersigned, call on the BC Liquor Control Board and Licensing Branch to strictly enforce their legal requirement that all licensees must provide to consumers, upon demand, a complete list of serving sizes and prices for all draft beers served and that licensees fulfil their obligation to provide the complete measure of draft beer promised by their serving-size list.

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