#Felicitating the Job of the Real Heros done for the Society .

I wish to express my thought to the identified designators of the Kutchi Lohana Community to honor the real life Hero’s, who have along with their daily life responsibilities, have done an outstanding Act/ Job for the Society where we live.
Many of them are already been felicitated by various cultural institute.
I request your co-operation to express my thought with your support to the Mulund Kutchi Lohana Samaj & Matunga Kutchi Lohana Samaj .
I Wish to put forth my request as any kind of appreciation works like a best motivator .
This act will help people in general to come forward & share their work & expand their work for the Society.
I have started a signature Campaign on the below site & would equest you to click in & put support , if you agree.
As I have seen my father Mr. Hiralal Mrug work through is daily responsibilities & extend his self to support the cause for the Kutchi Lohana Community & have felt the need to motivate people doing good jobs & great jobs done in past.

I lastly wish you to support my cause & give your support as the same can be proposed to the designatory of the Kutchi Lohana to have a fecilitation done bt them.

Thanking you

Darshana Kesaria

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