Felicia has and always will be one of my favorite characters in fighting games, and it's not because of her looks and charm. She has been a big inspiration in my life as she reflects everything that I wanted to be. She's been a personal character for me and I hope that she makes it into this game at some point. Not only that, but in the roster there is a serious lack of women on the roster with only 4 females being confirmed and none showing up on the leaks. Of course, they’re leaks, so I should go by it, but it frustrates me that the ladies aren’t present with a fighting game have an average of around 8 female characters. I know there are those that didn’t want Felicia in, but to those that do, please help the cause. And even if you don’t at least still consider this petition as a way of supporting more female characters in Infinite. I have no doubt now after seeing actual gameplay that the game will be amazing and I hope in the future that Capcom has learned from their mistakes and MvC thrives. I want to at least try and experience this thrive with my favorite character in fighting games and I can name tons of reasons why she should be in. Please assist me in trying to support her placement in Infinite.

We, the undersigned, wish for the Darkstalkers Character Felicia to have a spot in the Marvel vs Capcom roster. This will be a very appreciated offer that you would fulfill if you decide to place her in the fighting game, even if it's downloadable content.

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