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The Connetquot Gender Sexuality Alliance has fought a righteous battle to get a gender-neutral bathroom to be made in Connetquot High School and indeed won. However, a decent portion of students have come across some issues with the bathroom. The GSA has talked with the administration of the Connetquot High School and every time we tried to compromise, we are denyed or told "it will get done" but never is.

As some of you may know, Connetquot High School managed to get a gender neutral bathroom. However, the issue at hand is that the bathroom is only opened during even periods (2,4,6,8). During the entire school day, the male and female bathrooms are open every period. The gender-neutral bathroom was made for those who aren't comfortable using said male and female bathrooms or those who just need to use the bathroom. Not only is the one bathroom locked every other period but there have been tendencies that no one will be in front of the door to unlock it. It is unfair and against DASA Guidelines that the bathroom is locked. Everyone should feel comfortable to ise a bathroom whatever bathroom that they are comfortable in. To feel free to pee

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