#Consumer Affairs

At a course I did during the holidays I heard that we produce twice as much food as we need to feed everyone in the world. Twice as much. I'm not sure wether that is true or not but I know for sure that we have enough food to feed the world.

If this is the case,why do we obestity epidemic in the 'Western World' while children in Africa starve? Why do we let over half the world starve while we sit with infront of the T.V stuffing our faces with twice as much food as these childeren will see in a week?

This behaviour does not mean a situation where everybody wins, or even one where one side wins and the other loses. This is a lose lose situation. While in the third world they die of hunger we eat ourselves to death.

This can easily be stopped by sending more of our food and resourses to developing countries, along with officals to make sure this is made into a fair deal.

Please sign this petition if you wouldlike to see an end to people diying of hunger in the third world.

We, the undersinged, beg the U.N to give more food and resources to developing countries.

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