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As most of us are aware, Venezuela is currently in economic and civil turmoil. Citizens are starving to death, and the effort made by the corrupted Venezuelan government is less than apathetic.

We may not be able to thwart political corruption without bloodshed, but the Venezuelan government cannot turn away the food their citizens are so desperately in need of. The Human Rights organization has stated and I quote, "Under the leadership of President Hugo Chávez and now President Nicolás Maduro, the accumulation of power in the executive branch and erosion of human rights guarantees have enabled the government to intimidate, censor, and prosecute its critics, leading to increasing levels of self-censorship. Leading opposition politicians have been arbitrarily arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and barred from running for office. Police abuse, poor prison conditions, and impunity for security forces when they commit such abuses as arbitrary arrests, beatings, and denial of basic due process remain serious problems. Other concerns include lack of access to basic medicines and supplies—the result of problematic government policies—and continuous harassment of human rights defenders by government officials."

The people of Venezuela are experiencing great suffering. The least we can do is feed the hungry.

As Canadians it is our duty to aid those across the earth in their times of need. Our good gesture could catch on worldwide.

If our international neighbours contribute to their part in the aid of Venezuelans, the loss of resources from each country will be minimal.

Let's set the bar for the world and help our brothers and sisters!

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