people from Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country in western balkans, it is divided into two entities, Federation of B&H and Republika Srpska.

The main problem in this country is that people who live there and politicians can't agree on important things about the country because of ethnic differences.

There are three constitutive nations in Bosnia: Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats.

This country is in crisis as well as in economical and ethnic problems.

If we want to keep this country going forward and eventualy joining EU we must do something, we must change something.

That something means changing whole political divisions of Bosnia's territory, we must divide it in Federal units, and by that I mean divide it in Serbian, Bosniak and Croat Federal unit of B&H. This will not only help Bosnia's economy but will also give more freedom to all people that live in this country. There will be no interfierance between this three consitutive people of B&H, beacause it will be politicaly divided and it will be easier for any of consitutitve people to improve their own standard of living in their own Federal unit.

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