#Bring a Fazolis near us
United States of America

I know several people, as well as myself, who used to love Fazolis food. The breadsticks are to die for. But there is no longer easy access to it. Everyone I talk to says the closest one to us is "too far." Everytime a renovation happens I hear "I hope they are finally putting a Fazolis here." Yet so far, no luck. Please bring a Fazolis to east Knoxville. A suggested spot with potential is Strawplains. Fazolis has the potential to thrive there. Thank you.

We are here to ask Fazolis to widen their territory. We hope to bring them to Strawplains Pike so people in East Knoxville can enjoy their food without having to deal with hectock Wear Knoxville traffic. East Knoxville lacks several restaurants that are available in West Knoxville. We who live here have to travel farther for the food we love. But here, we ask for a Fazolis be brought close to us. Thank you.

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