Let's zoom and focus on 10 factors as to why Fattah is the most suitable HERO for CP Malaysia:

1. Physical Appearance - He is the closest representation of Malaysian Oppa. He has the look and the height that matches the character very well.
2. Duta OPPO - can be an advantage to production team for this version to be promoted regionally especially in Singapore and Brunei. Win win situation for both OPPO and whole production team and producer.
3. Strong fan base - Fattah Amin is a strong brand in Malaysia now after his huge achievements in the phenomenal series previously - Suri Hati Mr. Pilot (SHMP) and Hero Seorang Cinderella (HSC). They were trending everyday in all media social medium be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other available online medium.
4. Award winning actor for various competitions - 2017 - Bintang Paling Popular; Pelakon Lelaki TV Popular; Gandingan Serasi Drama; Artis Sensasi; Selebriti Lelaki Paling Bergaya; Anugerah Top Top Meletop (Lelaki); Fesyen Meletop; Bintang Online Meletop, Pelakon TV Lelaki Meletop and many many more (can search and google for Fattah Amin full bio)
5. 2.2 million followers in Instagram (and it's growing day by day)
6. Versatile actor - a lot of improvement in his acting skills especially in SHMP, HSC, Bayangan Emilia, and many other hit telemovies and dramas.
7. Fresh chemistry between playful Janna Nick and Fattah Amin, both still young but undeniably crowd pullers and magnets with their supportive fanbase behind them.
8. Fattah has a clean image, no negative vibes. Good role model for many. His warmth and positivity during the challenging time with all sort of negative comments and bashing is key to a good role model to other youngsters.
9. He leads a healthy and sporty lifestyle. He owns a cafe and gymnasium. He has written a book, despite criticisms, the book became popular and won Anugerah Buku Negara 2017. He is also part of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team together with Janna Nick.
10. He is also a well known singer with his new hit songs - Wanita Terakhir and Cinderella.

We support and respect the earlier proposal made by the production team to choose Fattah Amin as the Hero for Coffee Prince remake in Malaysia. We, the true Malaysian drama lovers are really excited to watch this new series and God willing this will be another phenomenal hit in Malaysia. #FattahAminforCoffeePrinceMY

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