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Dear Reader:

Did you know that 90% of divorces are initiated by women? 80% of suicides are men? 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes? 90% of the homeless are men? Only 10% of men receive primary custody of their children?

Father's in America need change. They need equal rights to their children. Mother's are using their children for money. Mother's make father's look like the bad guys, tell their children that their fathers don't care, don't love them, they ignore court orders, they only care about money not what's in the best interest of their children. The maintenance enforcement program destroys lives, the program doesn't work. It extorts more money.

Further more these mothers don't even work, they live off child support, child tax benefits, NYS welfare and even get to claim the children on taxes as well as supported by new spouse, yet it's the fathers who are the ones supporting them but they can't even claim child support on their taxes or as dependents. Mothers still get the max amount of money.

Women alienate their children against their fathers, tell the children things like " well dad has a new girlfriend, he loves her more than you." "Dads home isn't safe." They refer these dad's by their first name to the children and make their new boyfriend's daddy. The courts do nothing to help these alienated children. It's emotional abuse. Mental abuse.

Men have committed suicide because they can't see their kids, the financial ruin, the emotional and mental abuse these mothers put them through. There are many men here who are not able to see their children and the courts take forever or don't allow them to see their kids. Women will lie to take the kids away from their dads. Have these men falsely accused of abuse, and mother's get the children to help them lie these false accusations.

I'm a father of four beautiful children. My children still love me but they have no choice in the matter being 12,7,7, and 3.

You need to help us, talk to all the father's rights groups, parent alienation groups, everyone. We need to stop the abuse to all these fatherless children. There are so many good fathers out there, why are they being punished by our government. Father's shouldn't be treated as a visitor to their children, they should be a father.

We need equal 50/50 rights for our children!!

A little letter I wrote for the real victims. Children alienated from their fathers. Please feel free to copy and paste until this message is heard! We need your help!!!

We the undersigned, call on the United States government to protect and afford the rights to fathers who seek the best interest of their children stating 50/50 custody. These kids deserve two parents in their life.

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