Mick Management, Sony Music and John Mayer himself

Send a message to Mick Management, Sony Music, as well as John Mayer himself that we, as fans, need to have what they promised: Tickets for fans first.

Dear JM supporters, we are sure all of you are as concerned as we are about the pre-sales for the upcoming John Mayer tour.

When Mick Management announced they were dissolving the Local-83 fan club, they stated: "There won't be a fan club anymore, but that doesn't mean you won't get access to the same things you did before." Some action is needed to make our feelings known.

We came up with the idea to send a message to Mick Management, Sony Music, as well as John Mayer himself that we, as fans, need to have what they promised: Tickets for fans first. So far, Mick Management's solution has been to send out mass emails containing a website and password for a pre-sale to the 50,000+ people on the johnmayer.com mailing list. There were approx. 10,000 people in L83. See the difference? Local-83 might not have been perfect, but it was at least a place where we could get a shot at better tickets first and that is all we are asking for.

The thing that gives us exclusivity and power is money. The almighty dollar speaks volumes. 10,000+ people willing to pay 25 dollars a year in dues for fans first ticket pre-sales should mean something to management. Other bands and musicians are able to provide such services, so why would Mick Management deny such an opportunity to Mayer's fans? Surely the membership fee can be used to maintain a fan club. What you would be signing below, is simply your willingness to give an amount of money, $25 in yearly dues, just like L-83, to get on a list that would have first shot at the pre-sales.

Let's face it, most of us paid that money year after year, because we knew the pre-sales for tickets were at least a chance of getting much better seats than the alternative general sales. Nothing can be guaranteed. We would have the same shot as we did with L-83..but isn't that better than 50,000+ people and what they are giving us now? Look you run the numbers...that amount of money sitting there untapped? That is going to be hard to ignore.

What you are signing is just a willingness to do this, not a promise. We are not asking you for money! We simply want to send a message to Mick that there is a significant amount of us out there willing to give them yearly dues for an exclusive, fans first, pre-sale for Mayer tickets. But time is important.

If we don't do this now we will not be in any position to get tickets for this upcoming tour. So now we need you to do two things: 1. Go to the website below and sign the petition with your name and a short comment statement: http://www.ipetitions.com/peti... 2. Go to Mick Management's twitter account [http://www.twitter.com/mickmgmt] and John Mayer's twitter account [http://www.twitter.com/johncmayer] and tell them we want the same chance for good seats that we have had in the past. (Please do not send more than one tweet to each. Any more will just aggravate them and defeat the purpose.)

Once we have a fairly large amount of signatures, we will forward the signed petition to Mick Management. Additionally we will post it as an open letter to the management on MSM and TryJM. We will continue to forward new signatures as we receive them. Please do not hesitate: We need to convince John Mayer and his management that we are willing to put our $25 membership fee where our mouth is in order to get first shot at good seats!

Please join us - bitching about tickets is one thing, but if we have any chance of changing this: We need to put up a united front and tell them what we want! Thank you, Debbie (poster on MSM) and Katharina & Susi (from TryJM).

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