#Law Reform

My family was poisoned by toxic chemicals in a home we rented. It was built of poles treated with Creosote. Creosote is a concoction of coal tar pit and up to 10,000 other chemicals, including many used to make agent orange.

Even though we hired and paid for air quality testing to be done by a Industrial Hygenist the Frederick County Virginia refuses to admit there is a problem and condemn this home. The owner plans on renting to another family. Everyone including the EPA knows the terrible life threatening diseases my family (including our 8 yr old son) has contracted because of the 6 month exposure to the Creosote.

We have lost everything that we own, and are homeless. Please help us get this house shut down before another family is given this life altering sentence. www.screamwithme.org

We, the undersigned call on the Health Department, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Virginia, and Governor Bob McDonnell to condemn the home located at 971 Ebenezer Church Road in Gore Virginia 22637, and change the building code laws.

This home is constructed of used utility poles treated with Creosote. Creosote is a carcinogen and known to cause many adverse health effects to humans. Testing has been conducted in this home and levels of Napthalene and other Benzenes are well above OSHA standards for an 8 hr work day. There are no standards for chemical exposure 24/7 in a home currently.

There are also no laws against building, or renting a home made of toxic materials in the state of Virginia. These building code laws need to be changed.

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