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City of East Liverpool Police departmemt, Assistant Prosecutor
United States of America

My dog was falsely accused of biting the neighbor, and it didn't happen. The officer failed to file an incident report. It was alleged that I had appeared in court earlier this year for failure to confine when my dog bit the neighbor, and it never happened.I have a statement from the neighbor saying that my dog did not bite anyone.

I am being unfairly treated, and told to get rid of half of my family. My dogs mean more to me than most of my family. So I am circulating this petition in the effort to prove, by opinion and fact, that any dog regardless of the breed can in fact be vicious. Pit Bulls are one of the most stable people-friendly dogs in existence. The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds, and Pit Bulls placed the 4th highest with a 95% passing rate!

FACT: Justice Maureen O'Connor concurred in judgment only, and entered a separate opinion expressing her “disapproval” of R.C. 995.11(A) (4) (a) (iii), the provision of state law classifying all pit bulls as “vicious dogs.” She wrote that data cited by the trial court regarding pit bull attacks did not reflect inherent violent characteristics of the breed but rather arose from deliberate efforts by some owners, including drug dealers, to increase a dog's aggression and lethalness through abuse or aberrant training.

“Almost all domestic animals can cause significant injuries to humans, and it is proper to require that all domestic animals be maintained and controlled. Laws to that effect are eminently reasonable for the safety of citizens and of the animal,” wrote Justice O'Connor. “Because the danger posed by vicious dogs and pit bulls arises from the owner's failure to safely control the animal, rational legislation should focus on the owner of the dog rather than the specific breed that is owned.”

FACT: The Court determined that there is "little, if any, evidence presented that would indicate that" pit bulls, as a breed, are dangerous "when trained and adapted in a social situation." (Emphasis added). Toledo v. Telling, 2006 WL 513946 (Ohio App. 6 Dist) March 2006.

They are my best friends, the only true friends a human can have. They know our every thought and our every feeling. They are in my soul, and i am in theirs. I found love that i never thought existed faithful, loyal, loving and affectionate, I will protect them from any human harm.

My pitbulls put the sunshine in my each and every day. they make my life complete With their love and kisses that are so sweet. I know that no human relationship can compare because the love, loyalty, trust, and true companionship doesn’t exist in this world. My American Pit Bull Terriers won’t laugh at me if i fall, they will come running and jump on me and lick me. They don't care if I'm fat or skinny. All they want is to love and lick me. They love unconditionally.
I recently took my dog to a nursing home to visit the residents, and just to see the smile on their faces while they were getting kisses from my dog, made me so happy. Everyone resident was so happy. The supervisor wants me to take one dog a month. They will develop new friends, and the residents, knowing that they have a friend to love and look forward to seeing each month is something i can't even explain what that means to me. To brighten someones day that never has no visitors, touches my heart knowing that i did that for someone.

Discrimination will never end, humans will never change, a human is a human, and dogs are dogs, they are two totally different sides of life. A human cannot compare to a dog, it would be a disgrace to compare our breed to humans. They are not cruel, or heartless. They love uncondionally. You can't find that in this world, only a few of us are lucky enough to find that, and it exists in the heart of a pitbull and the heart of a wonderful owner. I love my dogs, and i won't ever let them go. NEVER!

It is one thing to see suffering, but when there are solutions at hand, suffering is not only a tragedy, but a risk as well.To leave mass suffering unattended is to signal that life itself is without value.


We, the undersigned, as supporters against the belief that only pitbulls are vicious dogs, disagree by opinion or fact, any breed can be raised to be a loving affectionate loving animal, or tortured and made to be mean. You learn what you are taught, regardless of the breed of the dog.

We, the undersigned do not believe in false allegations made by our officials no matter what state we are in, when the officials in fact are supposed to be our protectors.

We, the undersigned, not personally knowing dawn stull's pitbulls and know by opion or fact that all Pit bulls are not vicious dogs. It all depends on how they are raised.

We the undersigned that do personally know Dawn Stulls dogs, and supporters against the allegations brought forth against Dawn Stull's dogs being vicious, join our voices in union, to state that, by fact that just because her dogs are pitbulls does not make her dogs vicious.
As a stranger or a friend, regardless of breed,whether it being Professionals such as animal specialists signing and making comments, we believe that no one breed is more dangerous than another.

False allegations should not be brought forth on an individual because of the choice of breed of dog one chooses to own.

We the undersigned join our voices in union to state that these dogs, in general, are very affectionate animals. The relationship between the owner and the pit bull can not be compared to anything in this world. They are devoted, loyal and true.

We, as members of the Fight against Breed Specific Legislation, know by experience or knowledge of the breed, know these animals pose no threat to any community if properly raised and socialized and are with a responsible owner.

Today's American pit bull, when properly bred and raised, possesses heart, drive and a work ethic unlike ANY other breed, and a heart full of love to give to the world.

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