anyone any faith colour or creed

9/11 - the day that one of the worst terrorist attacks in history took place.
July 7 bombing - London was bombed.

These are just some of the more commonly know attacks. Where innocent men women and children were killed in the name of god. Killing which was wrong and done out of hate it is time that all people regardless of colour or faith or culture say that this is unacceptable and no god would condone this.

I ask that anyone signing this petition please state what, if any, faith you are in the short comment space, provided you are comfortable with this - thank you.

We, unsdersigned, feel that the killing of innocent bystanders on the basis of their faith, lifesytle, or any other reason is unjust and unacceptable regardless of the reasoning.

We believe that no god would approve of such acts, which are fundamentally wrong as are any revenge attacks against communities of any faith.

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