Housing Minister Grant Shnapps
United Kingdom
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Social housing has been regulated by various bodies including the Housing Corporation Housing Ombudsman and now the Tenants Services Authority and none of which has remedied the lack of accountability to tenants by housing associations.

There has been plenty of scrutiny though this has not prevented tenants experiencing a lack of response in areas of disrepair and rent going astray for example.There are no clear guidelines for recourse for both tenant and landlord.

Complaints procedures are ignored and tenancy agreements may as well not exist. The sector costs many millions to support and monitor- money that could be spent in providing a tribunal to hear disputes and have them settled fairly.

The petition is to bring to the attention of the Housing Minister the vast amounts of public money that is wasted on watchdogs.

The petition requests that a simple and fair process for dispute resolution be created for both tenants and landlords.

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