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Islamic Community of the USA
United States of America

The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. is a national domestic violence awareness organization with supporters who live in various parts of the US.

Our goal is to bring more awareness to the issue of domestic abuse and to educate people how not to be perpetrators of abuse and how not to be victims of abuse.

Muslim women call on the leaders of our collective ummah to end the gender biased governing of our Islamic communities by not allowing the following:

1. Unfair and non-objective distribution of funds to families in need.

2. No or very limited moral and financial support of victims who have left abusive homes (primarily women and children). Fair treatment of women who have left abusive homes and temporary support through Zakat and Sadaaqah.

3. Support of organizations and committees in masjid/Islamic centers with proven track records of providing services to individuals (primarily women) who have left abusive homes.

4. Fair treatment and full voice in governing of our communities. Following the Prophet Muhammad's example of taking counsel from his wife/wives in personal and in matter of governing the community.

5. Establishing or allowing the establishment of ongoing Relationship workshops to include Domestic Violence Awareness.

We who sign this petition ask you to use your influence in positive ways to encourage mutual respect among all in our community.

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