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Nearly 11 million fathers in the United States do not live with their children. Two-thirds of these fathers do not pay formal child support.

However this petition will serve both mothers and fathers who are obligated to pay support. All thou support for the child , sadly there are a large amount of obligee’s that receive these payment and use them for reasons unrelated to the child’s needs.

Personal gains, like expensive hair, nails, clothes, illicit drug use, even given to their new relationship partners for their own usage where the child is left lacking.

This is a wide spread problem where the Obligor is angry , frustrated and resentful. withholding said payments. Many of these Obligors will describe picking up the child(ren) for visitation and the child(ren) having no shoes, no diapers, no clothes. And when that party ask the others where these items are is responded with buy them! These are outrageous activities and just unfit parents. However there is a court order. And once that money is out of your paycheck and into the hands of this selfish parent nothing can be done about it.

Many obligors wilfully refuse to pay. Not because they’re dead beat,..but because its not the responsibility of this parent to take care of this adult or adults. If the obligor had certain guarantee’s that his or her hard earned money went directly to the actual cost of the child’s needs and not drugs, party’s hair, nails and club outfits the obligors all agree they would be more apt to work and pay.

In our own personal private petitioning we have discovered in a land slide that if you could slightly modify this system more parents would comply. Our suggestion is simple and not costly because most of these changes are in place already.

Child support enforcement agency collects the monies as they already do. the monies then be split in a percentage spilt to go toward, a share for 1., food cost which is put on a food stamp card; 2. a voucher /check made to rent/mortgage , 3. electric company provider and 4. remainder on a debit card for misc costs.

the state already has a food stamp card therefore its already in place. no initial start up cost there. Child support enforcement also already has debit cards for Obligee’s to receive there payments on. The cost for software and processing of checks/vouchers for the rent/mortgage and electric would be very minimal. As for the debit card usage the other party would have access by online or by paper review to audit the usage to show good cause where the funds are used for. If the obligor or the Courts review and see the funds are used for improper usage the Obligee or the Courts could file for contempt and correct the issue.

We all have heard the argument everyone should not be punished for the actions of a part. However the part in this action is larger than those who do the right thing .

We, the people petition the State to modify our law's in the Family law area of child support and child support enforcement in the procedure of payment to the Obligee.

Make the payments in a four part payment Percentage payemnts to Food stamp card for food cost, Percentage share in check/voucher to eletric cost, percentage share in check/vousher to rent/mortgage, percentage share in debit card and access to audit. This is in the best interest of the children of our state from non custodial parents, as well to enforce the custodial parent to use these monies properly and not use these monies for ill-puposes tha they are not intended for. The changes will provoke more pride and willingness of the obligor to pay as well lower the contempts of court orders, the addition strain on our courts and the cost to pursue and incarcerate.

Family law guidelines are to follow always what's in the best interest of our children. This modification in law and procedure changes will greatly benefit our children and our courts.

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