City of Santa Barbara
United States of America

Santa Barbara has initiated strict set-back requirements for home owners. Requirements that restrict the use of sometimes up to 25% of one's property; for the sake of a obsure definition of 'Quality of Life'. Yet these requirements are only applied in the horizontal plane and not also in the vertical plane and over all building zones. For example, a home owner and developer can build vertically, next to single story building, which cut off all 'rights of privacy', 'light' and even 'air' from their neighbors.


If restrict vertical development if two or more story structure (house, condo or office building) affects their neighbors 'right of privacy', 'air' and 'light'. Right of privacy is defined as 'can the neighbor see right into the back yard of their neighbor'.

I agree that the following items should be exempt from the City of Santa Barbara's set-back zoning policies:

* Sheds (up to 12 x 8)
* Jacuzzi
* Decks
* Barbaque Pit
* Water Fountains
* Animal Cages

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