Blair Scotland, PSIS Bargaining Representative
New Zealand

Union members at PSIS are about to go into Collective Agreement negotiations.

PSIS has put forward a claim to limit future pay increases in PSIS to the level of inflation only. This means PSIS staff could never negotiate wages that are in real terms higher than there current rates of pay.

Through Collective Bargaining PSIS staff have been able to negotiate pay increases higher than inflation in recent years. However these settlement have not closed the pay gap between workers in PSIS and staff doing similar jobs in New Zealand's banks. PSIS's claim will mean staff there are always paid less than people doing comparable jobs in the unionised parts of the finance sector.

Wage settlements are always made up of a combination of factors. PSIS staff deserve the democratic right to review their wages on a regular basis and not have their wages locked in at the bottom of the sector.

Dear Blair Scotland, PSIS Bargaining Representative

PSIS was founded by union members and has a proud reputation of treating its staff well and delivering high quality service to your customers.

However your reputation will be tarnished if you remove the basic right of PSIS staff to freely and fairly negotiate their wages.

We call on you to remove your claim in upcoming negotiations with staff that are Finsec members that would only allow wage increases equivalent to CPI.

Such a claim will be unfair, undemocratic and inconsistent with PSIS's stated values.

We thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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