#City & Town Planning
Reading Borough Council
United Kingdom

Park Ward is an area of Victorian Housing, where the streets are narrow and the demand for parking high. There are a mixture of families, single people and students living in the area and many households own
more than one car.

As a result of this residents are forced, if they want to park near to their homes later in the evening, to park on corners, on curbs and on yellow lines as there is simply nowhere else to park.

This results in residents receive parking tickets, sometimes twice in one night when the Parking Wardens patrol both late at night and early in the morning.

We the undersigned request that Reading Borough Council reviews its parking policies and stops sending its Parking Wardens out both late in the evening and early in the morning to ticket cars parked in the streets of twice in one night.

This is unfair and penalises anyone who wants to park near their home or to return home after the early evening, including those who work shifts, who find that there is nowhere to park but on the yellow lines. They should not be penalised twice.

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