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West lothian council to answer their actions ?
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My family and I have been on the housing list for over 6 years now. Grade A for four years and 2 years for assisted move priority. The priority is due to our Son's disability (cerebral palsy).

We are in a private let house with stairs, very small garden and my Son's needs are not met in this type of house. It is a daily risk though council are well aware of all this due to OT reports etc. The only house types they have come to us with is 4 in a block that is for health reasons ie sleep pattern night time seizures, garden sharing, dignity! These are only ideas they can offer us.

I don't feel they are looking at my Son as a person but more a case they can't deal with or willing to even let him have the same chance as a council Tenant to getting a new build, a house that would suit his wheel chair and needs for all his life.

Why are we allowed to apply but even in such a high priority case get nowhere? We need an option to suit a 13 year old boy growing into a man. Give the boy some dignity back. The daily task of CP is hard enough without living with the daily risks and task of stairs etc.

Stevo has very little speech but I ask for anyone willing to sign this to help his needs to be heard.

West Lothian council have let Stevo's needs get to danger point bye not sticking to their guidelines and yet they are now sticking to their own rule of council tenants only for new builds. That they are building this year!

I want Stevo's case to have the same chance as everyone else we pay our way and after a 6 year wait it really would be a blessing peace of mind for Stevo's living needs for Life.

Sign if you think Stevo's case should be given the same chance as council tenants?

Thank you.

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