Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

Fair Health Funding for Cowichan NOW!
A coalition of individuals and oragnizations coming together to address historic health funding inequities.

Historically the Vancouver Island Health Authority has been discriminatory in allocation of fair health funding for the Cowichan Valley. Recently this discrimination has meant a crisis in our health care services.

With the October 2006 VIHA announcement of support for homelessness initiatives in Victoria, BC Canada and no subsequent funding to date for anywhere else on Vancouver Island, this inequality in funding increased significantly for Mental Health and Addiction Services.

--> Victoria, BC has 800 Supported Beds, Cowichan has 19 (200 would give us parity).

--> Victoria, BC has 5 assertive community treatment teams, we have none.

--> Our Mental Health and Addiction Service is funded at barely more than 50 cents on the dollar relative to Victoria, BC.

-->Victoria, BC receives $216 per capita while Cowichan receives $124 (numbers obtained from VIHA as of March 31, 2009).

The Vancouver Island Health Authority has no allocated funds fairly within its jurisdiction. Funds have been mismanaged in such a way that we, the Citizens of the Cowichan Valley Regional District, do not have access to core health care services in our community.

We call on the Leaders in Provincial Government to hold the Health Authority accountable for the funding mismanagement. We further request this Government to consider a different model for health care funding which allocates funds fairly, on a per capita basis, thereby allowing local areas to plan and provide health care programs which suit the needs of their communities.

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