Protect YOUR Mangroves from being CLEARED!
Your vote will be presented to the Council Mangrove Management team to oppose the petition prepared and premoted by the local Councillor to allow the clearing of Mangroves.

The following link WILL ensure your voice is heard:

Councillor's 'resident newsletter'. Pls read the total content to gain the councillor's perspective and then sign this Petition AND go to the above link to OPPOSE the clearing of Mangroves.

"Signatures are rolling in on these petitions – one to keep the gap open at Lota and the other to get rid of the mangroves around Darling Point adjacent to George Clayton Park. The State ministers office says Council must prepare a mangrove management plan and submit it to the State before action can be taken to remove the offending vegetation. I am happy to see mangroves growing strongly in other areas as I believe they are an important part of the marine ecosystem. I would like to have hundreds of signatures to present to the next Council meeting on 27th October."

"There are 11 signatures to each petition so if you can get a page filled or even partially filled my office can send you a sheet."

"I have prepared a petition calling upon council to prepare a management plan for the mangroves in front of the main esplanade park at Lota which is called Lota Camping Reserve. I believe the gap in the mangroves needs to be maintained and action taken to stop the mangroves growing across the gap. A copy of the petition is available for signing at my office and will be circulated by Lota residents."

"I also believe the mangroves should be cleared adjacent to Lower Esplanade around Darling Point. Anyone wanting to assist in gathering signatures on that petition please contact me. This area of the esplanade has great views for residents and motorists which is being progressively wiped out by the quite rapid growth of mangroves. Again the petition is available for signature at my office."

We the undersigned:

a) Support the continued growth of existing Mangroves;

Your signatures will be directed to:
Mulherin, Hon. Tim Sean, MP
Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland

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