#Human Rights
Government Ministers in Charge Of Benefits (UK)
United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a carer is paid the equivalent of 40p per minute to be primary carer for a disabled person in the home. If a family member is the sole carer and cannot work outside the home, this so called top up benefit tops up nothing and is the total income. Only back in the 19th century did people earn this type of wage being forced to the workhouse.

In 2008 people who care, and save this and other governments around £800.000.000 must be allowed to exist and survive above the poverty level forced upon us. Carers do not benefit from reductions in gas, electric, telephone bills, and also have to eat and pay the same as any other section of the community.

There is grinding poverty due to this abuse of human rights.


We the undersigned appeal to fair minded people who wish to see justice for carers who are working daily and constantly for the betterment of the disabled, to help truly put a stop to this gross abuse of human rights in this country perpetrated by government.

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