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Fair Amount Food Forest
Fair-Amount Food Forest is an initiative to create a community defined and publicly used edible food forest. The Fair-Amount Food Forest Collective intends to facilitate the education of the public on growing and maintaining food sources in our own neighborhoods, on public land, while empowering the surrounding community with knowledge of food systems, sustainable building, local ecosystems, grassroots organization and group engagement.

A Food Forest is an age-old agricultural strategy involving diverse types of edible and climate appropriate plants. The forest grows to form strong, mutually supportive relationships which create a system that sustains itself over time. Food forests produce high yields of food, with minimal maintenance – humans design with nature to let nature work on her own.

Our priority is utilizing public land for community benefit and use, to bring people together and to address a myriad of problems such as fresh food scarcity, pollution, and environmental degradation. Additionally, we look for possible solutions which include self reliance, platforms for sharing ideas and concerns within our neighborhoods, and an appreciation for our natural world.

If you envision a better world for yourself, your children, loved ones and friends, please join us in support of: caring for the earth, people helping people, sustainable food sources for all, and an outlet for information, education, resilience and empowerment. Our group is always growing and looking for interested volunteers. All are welcome!

Join the Fair Amount Food Forest Planning Coalition every 2nd and 4th Monday 6:30-8pm!
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Fair-amount Food Forest is an educational, open harvest, community driven, community defined public food forest. Every kind of food you can grow will be planted in mimicry of a woodland ecosystem and integrated with extensive demonstrations of sustainability. It is centered around teaching people how to grow our own food, protect pollinators, sequester carbon, address water issues, health, and food justice. The Forest will also teach teamwork, leadership, and community resiliency. The process will be accomplished with a transparent and inclusive community input, and an organizational and volunteer structure which will engage and include all interested Philadelphians in a fun, social, artistic, and productive manner.

The Food Forest is educational. There will be demonstrations of a wide variety of food production and gardening techniques, sustainable infrastructure, and self-sufficiency with extensive signage. Workshops and school tours could be hosted, and there is the potential for groups to adopt a section of this community powered learning laboratory. We invite you to participate or show support.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any way, or just want to show support, please fill out the form below.

Photo credit to *Beacon Food Forest*

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