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Facebook does not allow Users to indicate they are in a Committed Relationship. They do, however, allow Users to indicate they are in a Casual Relationship or in an Open Relationship.

Facebook removed the ability to designate a Family Member as a "Partner". They used to allow this, and should allow it, as not all relationships are as casual as "in a relationship" implies.

It is wrong of Facebook to allow the designation of "In an Open Relationship" but not to recognize committed, though non-legal, partnerships. They even go so far as to distinguish "Cousin (male)" from "Cousin (female)", yet they can't include an option for Partner.

We the undersigned strongly believe that Facebook should add "In a Committed Relationship" under the Relationship Status section of the Profile, and return the option of designating a Family Member as a "Partner", as they used to allow.

The only current Relationship Status options are the casual "In a Relationship," "In an Open Relationship," and "It's Complicated," the legal statuses of "In a Domestic Partnership" and "In a Civil Union", and statuses associated with legal marriage.

We feel it is important that Facebook recognize the value of informal, non-legal Committed Relationships/Partnerships as much as they do casual and Open Relationships.

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The Facebook: Include "Partner" Family Member and "In a Committed Relationship" petition to Facebook was written by Peter Jameson and is in the category Family & Friends at GoPetition.