Otay Mesa Nestor Libray
United States of America

Recruiting, forcing, and harboring victims to perform forced labor or sex is the second most lucrative underground business in San Diego- making $810 million a year. A community conversation is proposed to be held at the Otay Mesa Nestor library to discuss how human trafficking affects us all and the startling signs to look out for when encountering traffickers and victims. After the conversation, a potluck and show will be organized for local musicians at the neighboring Luckie Waller Park (Wing park). Local artists will also be involved at the conversation and park. All are encouraged to attend. Your e-signature solidifies your interest to attend the Fabulinus event. Help us and each other save lives.

We, the undersigned, are interested in discussing how human trafficking involves us a community- as a call to action, at the Otay Mesa Nestor Library. Educational resources and community leaders will be included on a panel to lead the active conversation- where anyone who attends can add to the discussion or ask questions during the on-going conversation.

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