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Being tired of having no emotions through a race anymore, i decided to start this petition to get a real engine back into the F1.

Sign this petition if you agree to the problem that is controlling the current F1 season.
We need to show the new owner of F1 that the fans are really tired of 6 seasons Mercedes winning and the lack of screaming engines on the track.

The only way we have a voice is by showing them how much people are not happy the way it is going.

Dear F1 lovers,

It is very clear that the current Formula One misses something.
It is not a secret that 99% of the fans that make this sport great, want it back on the race track...

I am talking about the V8 engine.
It seems very clear what the FIA should be doing to get the emotions back to the fans.

I remember watching F1 together with my dad when i was young.
We all had wet hands and weak knees just from sitting and living the race at home on the TV.

If you feel the same way as i do, please sign this petetion so we can show Liberty Media that the time has come where things have to change to keep this sport alive.

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The F1, Back to V8 Engine petition to Liberty Media was written by Fabian Müller and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.