#Children's Rights
The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron

Extended family members, (such as aunties and uncles), are often neglected in court. By this I mean there is not any legislations in which support their rights to have contact with the children they have loved and formed a relationship with. In comparison grandparents have a legislation named "Grandparents rights", which can be used in court to support a grandparents case for contact rights to a child. I think it's time for extended family members to no longer be overlooked and have a right to see children who they love unconditionally.

Children should never be used as a weapon to hurt others, which is unfortunately often the case. Children are a blessing and should be entitled to unconditional love and happiness - it is unfair for a child to be denied this from someone whether it be their parents, grandparents or in this case an auntie.

Dear David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

My name is Ashley Clark, I am a 20 year old who has for the past year been battling for the rights to contact with my nieces and nephews. I have always had contact, often daily, with the children since birth until July 15th 2009 when contact was stopped after what can only be described as a silly family argument.

Whilst in court it came to my attention that aunties and other extended family members do not have any legislations which can support them in court, compared to grandparents who can be supported by the "grandparents rights" legislation, meaning there is a less likely chance for the rights to contact to be granted. In my opinion as an auntie I believe it is unfair to be neglected by the courts as often it is mislooked how much auntie's, (as well as other extended family members), really care for children involved in their lives.

I would like for the government to recognize this and consider creating a legislation for extended family members rights. I feel it is extremely unfair for family members who are in the same position as me to not have any rights to contact a child they have bonded with and loved over the years.

This is an issue in which I feel very strongly about and would urge you to consider the pain in which extended family members suffer when contact is stopped by children's parents - often for no real reason.

I am doing this not only to help stop other extended family members feeling the extreme pain I have been experiencing for the past year, but also to ensure that all children are not denied contact or love from someone who cares strongly for them.

Thank you for your time and understanding,
Ashley Clark.

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