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We request a submission period extension from 3rd July 2020 to the 31st December 2020 on the proposed -Draft Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme No1.-

We have many questions and concerns that we seek clarification on, within the terms of the proposed Draft. We want the ability to understand with complete entirety the content of the planning scheme. This is proving impossible with the submission deadline of the 3rd of July 2020.

Several attempts have been made by members to the WAPC for clarification regarding, 'non-conforming use', restrictions and exclusions. To date, we have not received answers. This is our livelihood, we have homes and businesses that are directly affected by this scheme. We urgently request a representative that has complete knowledge of this scheme to be available to attend small group meetings and help us to decipher its convoluted context. It seems to be a one of kind with little understanding even by the staff of the WAPC.

Covid-19 has hindered the ability to meet because of the limit of 20 people per gathering. This has not only complicated the availability of resources but has impacted on our feelings of insecurity, not knowing what this scheme means for our future, our land, home, and/or business. This is an added stress we are facing in an already vulnerable period in time with job insecurity, redundancy, business, and financial hardships.

We the undersigned request the WAPC extend the public submission period from 3rd July 2020 to the 31st December 2020 on the proposed -Draft Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme No1.-

1. An extension of time for public submissions from 3 July to 31st December 2020. With Covid-19, this is the first opportunity we have had since the release of the scheme, to meet and it is limited to 20 people. We are landowners in Port Hedland, not town planners, and whilst some of us may have limited knowledge in town planning, it is not enough knowledge to fully understand the proposed scheme, what the uses mean to the livelihood of landowners, residents and businesses. On that basis, extra time is requested to ensure the proposed scheme is fully understood so that informed submissions can be presented.

2. We request a designated Department Representative to attend small group Community Meetings and to be available to answer questions. Someone with an abundance of knowledge on the proposed scheme and its uses. We requesting more detailed information on the proposed Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme.

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