Minister Diane Finley

Many people suffering illness in Canada are denied medical benefits after only 15 weeks. We don't choose to be ill, illness often chooses us.

If I chose to have a child in Canada and as long as I had worked for 600 hours I would receive 15 weeks medical EI 15 weeks Maternity EI along with 35 weeks of Parental EI, however if you ill such as I with cancer or any other illness that you do not recover from in the allowable 15 weeks provided by Medical EI you will be cut from your benefits along with this you forfeit any remaining benefits that are due you. This is wrong!

We are forced to pay into EI every pay cheque yet when you are ill beyond the 15 weeks you receive nothing.

We the undersigned call upon Minister Diane Finley and the Harper Government to change this cruel, unjust legislation that only allows 15 weeks of medical EI benefits and let people who are suffering horrible, life threatening illness or illness that goes beyond 15 weeks receive benefits so that they will be with out the stress of financial ruin.

During the worse time in ones life they should not have to face financial ruin especially when they pay into a system to protect them during times of unemployment.

Please join me and let them hear our voices, Extend EI benefits to sick Canadians. Thank you. Our voices will be heard.

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