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Studio Dragon

Crash Landing On You has brought about a phenomenal global following with a massive number of fans all craving for more RiRi. One season is not enough and no matter how it ends, we all need more for the satisfaction of our soul (and eyes, let's be honest).

That feeling you get when you watch their sweet scenes together - that sense of magic and heart wrenching support for their love - we want that for a little while more please.

The number of fan pages and the level of engagement on these pages are unprecedented. And it's global as people from all over Asia Pacific (I've seen fans on social media
from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, China and obviously Korea), North America, Europe, South America are all crazy about it and not wanting it to end. We are all commiserating together and uniting as one across language just for this show.

Please extend this series however you can! We ❤️ RiRi and we can't get enough!!!

We, the undying fans of Crash Landing On You, beseech Studio Dragon to extend this series. Like for as many episodes as you can. For we are fans to the end. We genuinely need more RiRi for the wellbeing of our soul.

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