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The situation of Radiation Protection in Iran becomes worse day after day, I want to inform all the related people to this serious issue in the world.

Because of my security korosh Ariais is a fictitious name in this petition. I am a specialist, contact me.

بدلیل کودتای احمدی نژاد وعلی خامنه ای در ایران و سرکوب شدید هموطنانم تا چند روز آینده قادر به ارایه مطالب جدید به محققین گرامی نمیباشم
فاجعه زیست محیطی انباشت مواد رادیو اکتیو در بندر عسلویه در جنوب ایران در حال رخ دادن است .بزودی جزییات دقیق آنرا در سایت درج میکنم.

25 April 2009
I understood there are a large amount of radioactive substances in the beaches of
of Aslaviye port in the south of Iran.These substances are waste from Mobin industrial
complex and other petrochemistrey factories in the Aslaviye port.I will write more information soon.
NEW 7 Feb 2009

I am afraid that the filters of chimneys of IAOE in Karegar Ave. in Tehran, have been ruined since two days ago. These filters are for radioactive iodine and all people of this area are in danger. Unfortunately IAEO have not warned people that live on Karegar Ave. yet.

Once, same affair had happened in this center in 2002 when a person named Kardan had responsibility for radiation protection in Iran Atomic Energy Organization.

2 July 2008

Ahmadi nejad and his terror plan with X-Ray unit in Italy

یک توهم ناآگاهانه دیگر حاکمان جمهوری اسلامی ایران(طرح ترور دکتر احمدی نژاد با دستگاههای X-Ray
امروز اول جولای 2008 تقریبا کلیه روزنامه های ایران از قول سفیر ایران در ایتالیا ظاهرا جزییاتی از نقشه ترور دکتر احمدی نژاد رییس جمهور اسلامی ایران با استفاده از دستگاه ایکس ری محل اقامتش نوشته بودند
که این طزح این مسئله برای متخصصین کار با اشعه یونیزان مضحک میباشد اول اینکه خبر وجود تششعات رادیواکتیو از نظرعلمی نمیتواند هیچ ارتباطی با تیوب مولد اشعه ایکس داشته باشد مگر اینکه دستگاه رادیوتراپی
با منبع کبالت 60 بجای آن دستگاه باشد که قطعا نبوده .دوم آقای ظهره وند سفیر ایران گفته که حاضرین وجود اشعه را حس کرده اند واحساس ناراحتی کرده اند که این هم یک توهم بوده زیرا تمام متخصصین رادیوبیولوژی
میدانند که دوز فوق کشنده 1000 گری که فقط در انفجارهای اتمی رخ میدهد درجه حرارت بدن را یک درجه بالا میبرد حال چگونه همراهان رییس جمهور دوز اشعه این دستگاه را که در حالت ماکزیمم به یک
هزارم میلی آمپر هم نميرسد حس کرده اند!!

آیا سفیر یک کشور نباید مشاوری علمی داشته باشد تا دروغی به این واضحی را در دنیا مطرح نکند
radiation protection در ایران را سامان داده اید که به فکر حفاظت از اشعه در ایتالیا افتاده اید؟

According to Ahmadi nejad today 8th April is nuclear celebration in Iran. That is a big lie and a shameful joke.

Radiation, People and the Environment

Radiation doses of different sizes, delivered at different rates to different parts of the body, can cause different types of health effect at different times.

A very high dose to the whole body can cause death within weeks. For example, an absorbed dose of 5 gray or more received instantaneously would probably be lethal, unless treatment were given, because of damage to the bone marrow and the gastrointestinal tract.

Appropriate medical treatment may save the life of a person exposed to
5 gray, but a whole body dose of, say, 20 gray would almost certainly be fatal even with medical attention.

A very high dose to a limited area of the body might not prove fatal, but other early effects could occur. For example, an instantaneous absorbed dose of 5 gray to the skin would probably cause erythema — painful reddening of the skin — within a week or so, whereas a similar dose to the reproductive organs might cause sterility.

These types of effect are called deterministic effects: they occur only if the dose or dose rate is greater than some threshold value, and the effect occurs earlier and is more severe as the dose and dose rate increase.


(The film badges of people that work with X-ray are not
been checked correctly by Iran Atomic Energy Organization in Iran. Some of them specially radiographers work two or three shifts per day in order to get enough money without any control for their radiation protection)15 th April 2008 KOROSH ARIA



22 May 2008
Nuclear medicine dumps such as used syringes bury with other hospital dumps in Iran.
This is a dangerous sample of poor radiation protection
of environment in Iran.
Contact me to discuss this issue.


5 June 2008
In Iran, nuclear medicine centers make use of regular film badge instead of TLD,they profit by regular lead apron(25mm pb) against gamma rays!
These are standards of dealing with Ionization rays in Iran.
Iran Atomic Energy Organization is in charge of damages caused by poor radiation protection in Iran.

Expose Poor Radiation protection in IRAN



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