#Civil Rights
Government, Anti-Corruption Agencies and Organization

India is developing country and expected to be developed country by 2020. However, corruption is rampant everywhere. Without giving money, most of the government officials are not ready to work and extend services to the common man of the country. Poor becomes poorer and rich becomes richer.

While disposing the applications, either, government servants delay or waiting for bribes. Therefore, it makes appeal to the affected persons to disclose the names of corrupt officials, their sources of incomes, properties so that public will come to know the persons characters.

It will be easy to forward the names of such corrupt officials to the anti-corruption agencies and organization for further actions. Therefore, please disclose the nature of corruption, names of corrupt persons.

We appeal to world organization like UN to take note of such corruption of countries and pass the resolution to make corruption free world.

UN should disclose the names of persons, who deposited black money or unaccounted money in any country of the world. It should insist that such money should be spent on poverty eradication programmes.

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