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Minister for Foreign Affairs

This petition is been created to request that the government of the Republic of Ireland take steps to banish any Syrian diplomats who remain in Ireland and to publicly condemn the crimes that the government of President Assad is carrying out against the people of Syria.

These include the shelling of civilian populated areas: the torture of political prisoners; the executions of men, women and children and the refusal to accept the recent 6 point peace proposal of former secretary general of the U.N. Kofi Anan; all of these actions and inactions on the part of the Assad regime shows that it is only concerned with keeping power and crushing any group that holds opposing views to its own.

We who have signed this petition call upon Eamon Gilmore the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ireland to take immediate steps to quicken the expulsion of Syrian diplomats from the Republic of Ireland as a response to the refusal of the Assad government to cease its ruthless slaughter of civilians.

We also request that the minister for Foreign Affairs publicly condemn the massacres in Syria and declare Ireland's opposition to the rule of President Assad.

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